Animal Spirit guides: horses

Throughout history, horses have inspired people with their graceful power. Sometimes God sends people spiritual messages

File:American quarter horse.jpg - Wikimedi

File:American quarter horse.jpg – Wikimedi

through horses — in the form of heavenly angels appearing as horses, earthly horses they knew in life who are visiting them from the afterlife as spirit guides, or animal totems that symbolize something God is trying to communicate to them.

If you’re open to receiving spiritual messages through horses, here’s how God may use them to send messages to you:

Angels Appearing as Horses

If God decides that the best way for an angel to communicate with you about something is by having that angel appear to you as a horse, it can happen. Angels usually appear either in their heavenly gloryor in the form of a human being, but they’re pure spirits who can manifest in any physical form that best suits their missions on Earth.

“Time and again, they [horses] serve as angelic messengers when humans are under duress,” write Allen and Linda Anderson in their book Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope. “If people can still the chattering of minds and ignore social, intellectual, and cultural restrictions about what is and is not possible, horses speak to them with astonishing clarity.”

You don’t have to encounter an angel in horse form to learn more about angels from horses, however. Ordinary horses can teach human beings extraordinary lessons about angels — such as how to develop relationships built on trust rather than demands, writes Steven Brooks in his bookWorking with Angels: Flowing With God in the Supernatural: An “interesting similarity between horses and angels is that they will bond only with those they know. A horse will only bond with someone it trusts. … When a horse bonds with its owner, there is mutual respect and cooperation. Bonding requires patience because it takes time and is an ongoing process. Bonding requires spending quality time together, especially in a non-working environment where demands are not made. The best way to bond with a horse is simply to hang out together and have fun getting to know each other. A horse will bond when it can senseunconditional love. … Just as horses will bond only with those they know, so will angels only work in harmony to the greatest extent with those who respect their presence and with those who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.”

Departed Horses Who Are Now Spirit Guides

Another way that God may choose to send you a message through a horse is by allowing you to see a horse you were close to when it was alive in a dream or vision now, communicating something to you from the afterlife as a spirit guide.

Whenever horses give you spiritual guidance from God, they may “offer hope for love and the fulfillment of dreams, hope for having courage and endurance, hope for healing and regaining health, and hope for spiritual connection and reuniting after death,” write Allen and Linda Anderson.

Horses as Symbolic Animal Totems

God may also send you a spiritual message through a horse by arranging for you to see a horse totem (a symbolic image of a horse). Horse totems often symbolize freedom or power.

Ted Andrews writes in his book Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Power of Creatures Great and Small: “If a horse has shown up in your life, it may be time to examine aspects of freedom and travel within your life. Are you feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on? Is it time to assert your freedom and power in new areas? Are you doing your part to assist civilization within your own environment? Are others? Are you honoring what this civilization has given you? Horse brings with it new journeys. It will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power.”

Horses as Inspiration in Your Everyday Life

Finally, God can speak to you powerfully every day that you interact with horses in your everyday life.

“Horses connect with our souls — the part of us that links us to everything,” writes Allan J. Hamilton in his book Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses. “Horses help us find those bonds. The connections become as real as the ground we walk on.”

Hamilton writes that horses “offer us a unique opportunity to see ourselves in ‘divine mirrors,’ reflecting back the chi we give off in our own emotions, to show ourselves in the moment. Horses react to what lies in our hearts, not in our heads.” He later adds: “They are perfect teachers because they uncover your real motivation. They tell you when you’re wholeheartedly committed or faking it, when you’re making a sacred vow or just paying lip service. Horses see what’s holding you back. And when you find the courage to confront those shortcomings, horses will always reward you with a way to overcome them.”

In Angel Horses Allen and Linda Anderson write: “Horses are sensitive to everything and everyone around them. This makes them both receptors and messengers for God, Divine Spirit, the Sacred, or whatever you want to call the love that flows through all creation. Perhaps because they are prey animals, horses have had to learn to tune in to the slightest changes in their inner worlds and outer environments … If you are ever in doubt about the direction to take in your life, and you need a second opinion, you couldn’t do better than to listen to a horse’s advice.”

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