About The Psychic Shack



About- My “Psychic Gift’s,

  my Psychic Art” 

I have been Psychic all my life.
I have forty plus years experience.
Call me for a free reading @ 1-616-7555297.
This Website is only the tip of the Ice burg on the work I can   do in the area of the metaphysical.
These are some of the other gifts I have been given-
1. medium ship
2. In dowsing with a pendulum I (Find Dates,times,People,Objects,murder scenes,live people.
3. I specialize in all relationship issues,LOVE.Readings.
4. Medical Intuitive-I am an energy worker, and I am very knowledgeable in the area of the chakra centers as well.I can read them.
I also can scan your body as if I were an MRI.
I can read your aura.
5. Dream Interp is a low point of mine.But we can still get a lot.
6. I do Tarot readings
7.Numerology also.
8.I know Astrological Sign meanings.
In that-
Some traits are very predictable by sign, I like to know your significant others astrological sign,as well as yours, they aid me, and can give you much insight into a workable solution, to part of your difficulties.
All in all “I am  an awesome Psychic”.


My “Psychic Art” predicts life happenings,

 usually teach design’s a piece of the the whole picture,
but not always.
 Yet they are always  something we need to know,
they are pieces of the whole.
We read them accordingly so that we we can be safe, make changes,choices,stop destruction,or take the right turn in the road.
 Any incident ,or actuality that lies waiting on the grid of time, is known by many, who choose not to look at it. 
In my Art venue, which may come in forms unidentifiable to many,

 will also carry with it a time period.My predictions happen within three’s- 3 days,3 weeks,30 days.
 Usually only I can interpret it .
If you ask me, I can then go into the Fractal and read what is there.Not all of my Art is Prophetic,when a prediction is evolving I know it at onc

If you have any questions just ask,
 I will then tell you what I see “Psychically “in the Picture.
 My success rate is very high.
I have forty plus experience
Psychic medium Darcy Dee Drogorub

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